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Wild’s 2022-23 Reverse Retro jerseys potentially leaked

The new look of Minnesota’s specialty sweaters might have been revealed early.

Arizona Coyotes v Minnesota Wild Photo by Bruce Kluckhohn/NHLI via Getty Images

One of the best things the NHL has done in recent memory is their Reverse Retro jersey series that they debuted during the 2020-21 season. It brought some flair back to the ice, letting teams reference past logos, colors, or even full jerseys, but with the modern sweater.

Some easy highlights were the Colorado Avalanche’s jerseys that was essentially a Quebec Nordiques jersey with their modern colors, and the Calgary Flames bring back the blasty horse logo for some nostalgia.

But for the Minnesota Wild, it was an easy choice. For their jersey they went with the colors of the Minnesota North Stars but with a modern Wild jersey — and it looks like they might end up doing the exact same thing for this year’s edition of the jersey, but just reverse the colors.

This is not official quite yet, and seems to be just an educated guess from Twitter user @AliMurji1, but considering that it has been reported before that Minnesota will keep those colors around for the 2022-23 version of the sweater, this might be spot on.

While last year’s Reverse Retro jersey was primarily white with the kelly green shoulders and yellow accents, this year — as mentioned before — will be the opposite while sticking to the same color palette, and trying to really bring back some nostalgia for those older Minnesota hockey fans.

It might not the most exciting option, but what else could they have truly done? Try to reference the mid-2000’s red Wild jerseys? Bring back the scrolling type that wasn’t even from that long ago? There’s not a whole lot of options that are desirable and this North Stars reference might just be the safest one. Everyone will walk away happy with this, or at least just fine with it.