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Hockey Hot-Dish: Group Therapy

We talk through the Wild’s struggles on the latest podcast.

Minnesota Wild v Anaheim Ducks Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Matthew Smith and Thomas P. Williams from Hockey Wilderness engage in a bit of group therapy to discuss the Minnesota Wild’s offensive struggles and wonder if there is anything they can do about them. Maybe a trade?

Are the St. Louis Blues a potential trade partner? Maybe someone from the southeast?

All we know is that the Wild are in a rut and need to shake out of it. Not to get too “doom and gloom,” but time is running out to get into a good position before Thanksgiving when it becomes increasingly hard to wiggle into a playoff spot.

The offensive stars have been good, but the defense is lacking. The goaltending has seemingly sorted itself out, but it still feels like this team is “mid” as the kids would say.

With the Colorado Avalanche only a couple points ahead of the Wild in points percentage, why is there no concern about their position?