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Wilderness Walk: Foligno appreciates trade for Reaves

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NHL: OCT 13 Rangers at Wild Photo by Bailey Hillesheim/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Having the general manager of the team you’re on acquire the one fighting opponent that you have consistently battled with, is certainly one way to breathe a little bit easier and sleep a little bit better at night.

After the Minnesota Wild traded for Ryan Reaves on Wednesday afternoon from the New York Rangers, our very own Marcus Foligno knows what the newcomer can bring to the table. Especially given the fact that they constantly drop the gloves against each other.

Reaves has certainly be a part of a whole lot of successful teams. The Rangers have done well, and he was featured on the fourth line of a Vegas Golden Knights team that found success early on in their existence. Might be a much more traditional way of building a hockey team, but Reaves certainly brings a unique energy to the lineup.

That’s Wild

  • In case you missed it — and skimmed the first few paragraphs and headed straight to the links — the Wild acquired Ryan Reaves via a trade yesterday. [Hockey Wilderness]
  • Despite the recent trade, the Wild are still looking for a top-six scorer and we came up with some names that could be possibilities, realistically. [Hockey Wilderness]
  • Looking back at the Wild teams have the last two years, this was an exciting and energetic group of players that had a chip on their shoulder and would steamroll some opponents. We haven’t had that this season, like, at all. So where has that Wild team gone? [10K Rinks]

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