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‘You make $9 million and don’t do shit’: Greenway chirps Oilers’ Nurse

Big Rig had some big words to say.

Edmonton Oilers v Minnesota Wild Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

The mics were a little hot on Monday night as the Minnesota Wild hosted the Edmonton Oilers and they picked up an excellent chirp from the biggest player on the ice.

The Wild were leading the Oilers and controlling basically every part of the game; killing any momentum the visiting team had and producing enough scoring chances to feel like they could break the game open at any moment. So, in turn, forward Jordan Greenway decided to twist the knife even further and point out how terrible a player defenseman Darnell Nurse has been and the egregious contract his team handed to him.

“How does it feel?” Greenway kept asking Nurse. “You make $9 million and don’t do shit.”

In retrospect, it might not be the best chirp since Nurse makes a boatload of money for — as Greenway mentioned — not doing a whole lot of good on the ice most nights. That life must be pretty nice. Just millions and millions of dollars to just be decent enough to hang around. It’s guaranteed money regardless.

Nurse is currently in his first year of a eight-year, $74-million contract that he signed last year and technically, his salary is $12 million this season.

Logic in the chirp or not, it does feel good to see Greenway back on the ice and being a big presence after the whistle and chewing through any opponent that wants to step in his way. He might not be producing a whole lot — through 11 games, he has one goal and two points — but he does so much else to earn his spot on the roster.

Nevertheless, the Wild were too busy beating down on the Oilers to really make sense of his dig at the opposing defenseman.