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Wilderness Walk: Nobody panicked

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NHL: Minnesota Wild at Dallas Stars Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

During Sunday’s game against the Dallas Stars, the Minnesota Wild gave up four third-period goals that eventually forced overtime. But according to head coach Dean Evason from a recent post at The Athletic, there was no panic within the Wild’s lineup.

“It was calm. It was, honestly,” Evason said when explaining why he didn’t try to stop momentum himself. “We had a good discussion with the group after. A lot of coaching staffs would call a timeout at some point, and I guess if we didn’t (win) we might be second-guessed.

“But if our group wasn’t going up and down the bench saying the right things and being calm — nobody’s panicking, nobody’s snapping, just saying all the right things, … they had (control). Obviously, (the Stars) pushed and we gave up a big lead. But did we quit? Did we shut it down? Did we stop playing? No. They just kept going about their business.” — The Athletic

Pretty cool that they can just play through that and not be a ball of nerves after giving up a 5-1 lead.

That’s Wild

  • In case you want to read more of the gamer and all that stuff, here’s the post about the weird win against the Stars. [The Athletic]
  • Brock Boeser’s agent has been given permission to talk to teams about a trade this season. And with him being From Here, as well as the Wild’s desperate need for a top-six forward, there is a pretty easy conclusion to this. Boeser makes a lot of sense for the Wild. [Hockey Wilderness]

Off the trail...

  • Oh boy. Jakub Voracek’s season is most likely done after he has suffered his most recent concussion. You just have to feel for him and the Columbus Blue Jackets missing one of the best playmakers they have. [Dispatch]
  • It’s unfortunate, but we have to remark at how Dallas Stars’ Jason Robertson is turning into a bona fide superstar and has rivaled Connor McDavid for best player in the league through the last 80 games or so. [Yahoo Sports]