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Marcus Foligno getting suspension hearing for kneeing

The Wild veteran might be out of the lineup for a while.

Minnesota Wild v Winnipeg Jets Photo by Jonathan Kozub/NHLI via Getty Images

Marcus Foligno went a little crazy last night, and because of his actions, he’s getting an in-depth hearing with the NHL’s Department of Player Safety in the near future.

During the Minnesota Wild’s visit to the Winnipeg Jets on Tuesday night, there were physical battles everywhere on the ice. Most of them were respectful — in the normal hockey manner of not trying to actually hurt anyone — but Foligno crossed a line that isn’t normally crossed for him.

He just straight up kneed the head of Adam Lowry.

Yeah, that’s kind of bad Marcus.

The NHL’s decision to have a hearing that is not over video call or phone opens up the possibility of Foligno being suspended for more than five games. And even though the 30-year-old has always played on an edge, Foligno has never been suspended during his time in the NHL — he even narrowly avoided losing some games earlier this season for jumping off the bench to fight Toronto Maple Leafs forward Wayne Simmonds.

I guess sometimes when you walk such a long tightrope of physicality all the damn time, you eventually slip.

The Wild are currently in their period of making up postponed games due to earlier COVID outbreaks and attendance restrictions; meaning that if Foligno is suspended for even just the next five games, he could be out until the Feb. 22 game against the Ottawa Senators — almost two full weeks from now.