The home stretch.

Gotta admit, I’m psyched for the remainder of the season to see what this Wild team can do. I know I’m not the only one who was pissed off by the ridiculous C0VID narrative, rigged elections, and destruction of America from within. NHL hockey was one of the woke sports leagues. Watching refs hand Vegas one beneficial call after another it was clearly corrupt along with the many other more critical facets of our Country. I became disenfranchised. Not gonna sugar-coat it, the BS across America is tremendous and was getting under my skin bad. I thought, "Why do I care about hockey." Refs are crooks, league promotes an agenda that divides Americans, not to mention favors big market teams. It’s no different now but I’m gonna pull for the Wild anyway. Maybe the Wild can embody the spirit of real American and Canadian patriots to some degree. To overcome great obstacles and win for what is right and good without cheating for a true victory that is worth a little piece of earthly glory.

Now that we can see the truth and the tides have turned against those who wanna hurt America, the Wild are also preparing to enter a playoff season that has them in arguably the best position ever to compete for the Stanley Cup. I’m pumped up to watch the show. Press on towards the goal to win the prize boys!

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