Xcel Energy Center has been the best barn in the NHL


There is no beating around the bush, the X has been bringing the juice! I do not remember the last time the X has provided energy like it has this year. The Wild have been on a heater with come back wins this year. It never feels like they are never out of a game and I think that starts with the amazing fanbase. When there is 5 min left and the boys are down a goal that building finds a different gear. Fans are straight-up standing before the 2 minute mark. There is no other building in the NHL that is buzzing more often than the Xcel Energy Center. It certainly feels like the energy in the building is rubbing off on everyone, so kudos to the Minnesota faithful for bringing the juice. Also a big shoutout to everyone who has made MAF feel welcomed w/ flowers and signs. It is outstanding to see and it just shows how committed this fanbase is to the players on this team. A couple of the pubs on W 7th street probably need some props too. LOVE IT.

Regular Szn:

It has been an unreal regular season to say the least. The playoffs are all we care about this year, but I would be remised to not mention a few things about the regular season. It feels like more than half the players on the team are having career years. Most notable is a 34 year old Zuccy, obviously playing next to kk97 will do that, but Zuccy has helped Kirill in many ways as well. Kirill is potentially going to break Marian Gaboriks record tonight against the Pittsburgh Penguins for the most points in a season from a Wild player. He is also chasing down the goal scoring record in Minnesota. Unreal stuff, keep feeding the Russian! Other notable break thru players: Moose, Fiala, Ek, Brodin, Hartman, Freddy, Boldy.

I wonder if we will see some of the older guys get a few nights off once the playoff seeding gets more concrete. It is very not-hockey-like to take days off, but we just saw a scare in Colorado with MacKinnon almost needing surgery on his wrist. I do not necessarily expect this, but I would not be surprised. We just saw goose get health bombed a couple times.


The powerplay and penalty kill have been very good of late. I think adding the grit and grime at the deadline took some pressure off the topline players. There has not been to big of a personal change on the PK, but sometimes a vibe change can spark a unit. We will 1000% need our PK and PP to be firing on all cylinders come playoff time, hopefully the crappy days of special teams are past us.


Cam got a kick in the shorts and it was not a bad one. GMBG gave us the option to have a vet in between the pipes every night. Cam has been an absolute pro through the month of March. He is posting some of his best numbers all season and showing us that the all star selection was no fluke.

Looking Ahead:

Going forward, I would love to see the Wild put the pedal to the metal on non-playoff teams. Do not get caught in track meet games with shit teams. Stay focused on hoisting that f*ckin mug and compete every night, no matter the competition.

Who is the best breakout wild player this year? (exclude kk97 for obvious reasons)

Is there anyone we wish we got at the deadline?

Am I the only one who thinks the fans have won a few games for us?

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