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Fans, Kane’s ex-wife pay off Hartman’s fine for flipping the bird

Hartman’s “unsportsmanlike conduct” occurred in fracas on Tuesday night.

NHL: APR 12 Oilers at Wild

While the goal of NHL fines is to deter conduct deemed unseemly to hockey, we're not sure that it achieved that goal in Ryan Hartman's case.

Following the extra-curricular activities on Tuesday night's victory over the Edmonton Oilers, the NHL handed Ryan Hartman a neat and tidy $4,250 fine for flipping Evander Kane off as the two were headed to the penalty box/dressing room.

Hartman's wallet was a little lighter for just a moment, though, as Evander Kane's estranged ex-wife, Anna Kane, stepped in to pay off a piece of that fine.

It wasn't long before the Venmo transaction made its way around the internet and into the hands of Minnesota Wild fans, who began to send more money Hartman's way.

Hartman communicated to Michael Russo of The Athletic that he intends to donate the money once all is said and done, but with the team travelling to Dallas for Thursday night's game hasn't decided just where yet.

As Hartman pointed out in his postgame comments, it doesn't seem like many people like Kane, including his teammates. Hard to feel bad for him, though, as he's done some pretty terrible things.