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Matt Dumba dealt with punctured lung, broken rib during season

Turns out, the Wild defenseman was hurt pretty damn bad.

NHL: MAY 06 Playoffs Round 1 Game 3 - Wild at Blues

There’s the standard playoff injuries that always happen this time of year. Oh, one player had a dislocated finger, another was trying to play with a strained tendon on his ankle — and while those might not be the best to play through, a punctured lung while playing playoff hockey might be one of the worst I have ever heard.

According to Matt Dumba, during his last media availability before the off-season, he was doing exactly that — among other serious injuries.

On April 5, during the Minnesota Wild’s visit to the Nashville Predators, Dumba apparently broke a rib and dislocated another, and then that caused a punctured lung. And looking back on the play that caused the injury, I would say that makes some sense.

Dumba would proceed to miss the rest of the game and then the next 12 games, before finally returning in the regular season finale and then lacing up for the entire six games of the first round.

For recovering from a punctured lung and broken rib Dumba had a decent playoff appearance. His only point was in the final game and made the Wild not get shutout, but offensive production aside, it was the hard-hitting, in-your-face style that we have come to expect from Dumba. And his defense was good as well.

I cannot even imagine attempting to come back from that, but I guess I’m writing this blog and not an athlete for a reason.