I'm Irritatted and I Hope Nashville Humiliates Colorado Circa Wild 2003

Yeah, I said it. I know a lot of people want us to meet Colorado in the second round to repeat previous defeats of our 'rival' again... but I don't, not anymore. (Also, as I've said before, I'm sick of Colorado being labeled as our #1 RIVAL!!!!!!!! when the Jets, Hawks, and literally everyone not west of Mississippi is closer geographically [exaggeration obviously, but not by much] to us then Colorado.)

The Avalanche's 'fan base,' by which I mean their SBNation commenters have got to be among the most toxic people on the planet. By which I'm referring to the most recent run in with the Avs here, at our 'associates' MileHighHockey, Avalanche-Wild Recap.

If you happen to peruse their comment section, something I would highly advise against, you'll see that it's nothing but team name slurs, player name slurs, and all around absolute hatred for everyone and everything Wild. Period, full stop. Now I did the the inadvisable and perused said comment section and it's literally vitriol. Frankly, I think most of it stems from inauspicious Colorado exits from the playoffs via the Wild, such as the above 2003 Round 1 upset... or the more recent 2014 Round 1 upset.

Now, what gets me heated is the absolute maniacal defense they will lay at the feet of their players. **cough** Kadri comes to mind... regularly featuring in the Top 10 Dirtiest Players list. The same guy who laid Granlund tf out in 2013, the same guy who laid **GOALIE** Backstrom tf out back in 2014, the same guy who is suspended at least once per season because his hits are dangerous and either do injure or could have injured. Mind you, both those examples are from Kadri on the Leafs, but A. the point stands, and B. the second example is especially relevant.

Why is that relevant you ask? I'll tell you why, they're currently in a fit over Greenway's hit on Kuemper. The difference is we're all willing to watch that replay and say... yeah, Greenway was mostly in the wrong and kind of guilty right there... and we can come up with excuses for Greenway, such as he never entered the crease (which means Kuemper was way forward in the crease), and on and on. At the end of the day, we would all be pissed if someone hit one of our goalies like that and can OBJECTIVELY say, yep.. that Greenway hit is questionable. Kadri's hits? All clean, all fair, no intent, just a great guy playing gritty hockey. MacDermid? Oh he's a saint, would never try to knock someone into next week (not 'injure' per se... but the possibility is extremely likely in some cases).

The difference is... our players always seem to have to 'answer the bell' after these kinds of hits. Greenway immediately got collared and subsequently (blindsided) clobbered by MacDermid after the play. Dumba's open ice hit on Rantanen? MacKinnon collars and clobbers him (and hilariously broke his hand sidelining himself). Dumba's hit is honestly less questionable then Greenway's, you can see he's laying the arm/shoulder straight to the chest area as Rantanen keeps ducking down further and further as the play moves along. Frankly, that is partially Rantanen's fault that Dumba's shoulder partially caught his face since he could see Dumba coming from a mile away for the hit and literally dumped the puck to the corner right before the hit. But the hate for Dumba over there is literally off the charts... like not even kidding. Worse then the Flames dislike of Dumba (although, they probably feel vindicated after his injury from Tkachuck).

Now, why do I mention this? Right... it's because MacDermid got to skate off into the sunset without having to 'answer the bell' for his knee on knee action to Foligno the other night. Blah, blah, blah Foligno's a goon, deserved it... yeah, pot meet kettle. And yeah, the McD's hit was clean as a whistle and Foligno purposefully threw his knee out was the story line of the game in their game day thread over there.

Now... why am I hoping Nashville absolutely humiliates Colorado? So I don't have to deal with the spin up on the media about 'our rivalry' when it's really just absolute bone deep hatred that the Avs were humiliated TWICE in supposed Cup run years by the Wild. Colorado isn't our rivals, nope, not buying it, even in the expansion era when Winnipeg didn't have a team. Detroit and Chicago are both WAY closer and have far older teams (*cough*original six*coughcough*) that played previous Minnesota teams (that we shall not mention), even when they ended up in separate divisions and conferences then us. Meanwhile, the Avs are team stolen from the Great White North during the era of no professional MN hockey team because ours was stolen by the South. The Avs are a VERY distant 'rival' probably around #5 or #6 for me personally.

My own list goes:


Stars (obvious reason on this one... even with the geographic difference)



Red Wings

Then... maybe the stupid Avs. Although I'd likely put Vegas above them since the expansion draft.

Where am I going with this whole post? At this point I'd rather face Nashville from an emotional standpoint. As much as it would make me smile to humiliate the Avs a third time, I don't think I could deal with the emotional rollercoaster the series would provoke. Where we talk about the Avs in generally neutral terms, re: refer to them as the Avs and not some derogatory term, such as Scavs? I don't know... I'm sure someone can come up with a better unflattering term for the team name... but if you look at what Avs fan consistently call us, it's the 'Mild' or worse (trust me, I've seen worse, including in the comment section of MileHighHockey). Players aren't off limits either, I have yet to see any of us call our most hated players by anything but their names, over there? Dumba is Dumbass (ONLY WE GET TO SAY THAT DAMN IT! [I don't say it, but I know a lot of us do. But it's about his boneheaded defensive plays, they're just calling him that because reasons...]). MAF? His threads were great with the Hawks and Knights, the Wild colors make him ugly and I want to vomit.

Oh... and I quote, 'minidouchesayswhat?'

Yep... all of that summarized or verbatim from the most recent Avs-Wild thread.

Here's one of the few times I will be cheering for the Preds ever... I hope they humiliate the Avs and knock them out Round 1 circa Wild 2003/2014.

You'd think for a state where weed's legal, they'd be a lot less constipated and a lot more laid back...

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