Suggestions for management.

Trade Fiala, Zuccarello, and the Wild’s 24th overall to NJ for 2nd overall. Throw in an AHL guy if needed. That’s pretty good win now boost for NJ with all their young players/recent top picks.

Trade Rossi for 7th overall to Ottawa where Rossi played junior. Throw in an AHL guy if needed.

Trade Talbot and Merrill and the Wild’s 46th overall for either Cozens or 16th overall.

In each case NJ, OTT, and BUF get NHL guys in positions of need on reasonable deals for their production or in the case of Fiala, Merrill, Talbot, Zuccarello, or Rossi, their values as NHL players & prospects are very high. My point is that MN isn’t giving the short straw to any of those teams. In fact, there’s potentially a lot more risk in trying to draft equal value when the proven value is going out.

These pipe-dream moves would alleviate some cap crunch and allow the Wild to inject inexpensive younger players who would give the Wild a few years before contracts need extension. The Wild could potentially get a center who plays a heavier game, some size or exceptional speed, even though Rossi has tons of skill and playmaking ability. They could also get a wing to replace holes left by Zuccarello or Fiala. Perhaps they could even find a defenseman or trade a pick to replace the netminder going to help the Sabres?

I think these could be win-win trades where the teams like NJ, OTT, and BUF have been loading up on top picks but lack in some of the areas where MN could deliver an NHL scorer, top center prospect, or goalie to fit those team’s specific needs while not taking away from a core group or invaluable top draft selection.

Thoughts? GMBG you reading this? I know you appreciate & respect internet Rask-Rippers, Greenway-Gripers, and Dumba-Detractors...

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