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Kevin Fiala trade talks ‘intensifying’

A week before the draft, new reports of a Kevin Fiala trade are coming out.

NHL: MAY 12 Playoffs Round 1 Game 6 - Wild at Blues

The Stanley Cup has been awarded to its winner, the stupid and dumb Colorado Avalanche, and that only means one thing: We’re getting back to trade rumors and rumors of more transactions before the 2022 NHL Draft on July 7.

And at the tippy-top of that rumor mill, is the Minnesota Wild’s very own Kevin Fiala. A player that is simply not able to remain in St. Paul because he is so good that the team won’t be able to afford him after buying out the contracts of Ryan Suter and Zach Parise last year. Everyone knows that he will be playing for a different team in a few months, but things might be moving towards that move happening soon.

While things could be intensifying or closing-in or any other word you want to use to describe teams having more conversations, we all know that this trade will most likely happen on the draft floor in Montreal next Thursday. Especially considering that one of the major suitors, the Ottawa Senators, are willing to part with their seventh overall selection in a trade for Fiala, the Wild will want to make sure one of their preferred prospects are available at that spot.

We’re just making assumptions here, but why some teams like the Senators, the New Jersey Devils, or even the Columbus Blue Jackets, are interested in Fiala is because he is a 26-year-old forward that can dominate in both ends of the ice and can be a long-term top-line player on a team looking to make the jump from rebuilding to playoff team. It’s ultimately unfortunate that the Wild are in a position where they need to trade a player of Fiala’s caliber, but with him just being one year away from unrestricted free agency and coming off a career year, it does feel like the perfect timing to build upon the strong future of this team and nab something that will help them in a couple years for a player that was probably leaving in 12 months.

Stay tuned, I guess.