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Wilderness Walk: Slow news

Your daily dose of Wild news, along with other interesting stories from around the NHL.

Roloson reacts too slow

That’s Wild

  • There’s no real NHL news happening anymore. We’re in that month-long void of any transactions really taking place and we’re just twiddling our thumbs until training camp. At least there’s some hockey-relating thing going on.
  • The World Juniors! On Tuesday the first day went down and one Wild prospect made sure that everyone knew his name by the end of it: Servac Petrovsky. [Hockey Wilderness]
  • And our Top 25 Under 25 ranking continued yesterday, listing center Sam Hentges at No. 24. [Hockey Wilderness]
  • Speaking of World Juniors, let’s remember the 2012 version and how pivotal it was for the Minnesota Wild. [10K Rinks]
  • Your scout’s favorite scout, Will Scouch of Scouching, released his video on how the Wild performed during the 2022 NHL Draft. He watches endless games of hockey and has seen all these players for hours. He knows his stuff and he ranks it pretty high...

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