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Now, what the hell does Daemon Hunt’s new tattoo say?

We need to solve the mystery.

NHL: JUL 14 Minnesota Wild Development Camp Photo by Bailey Hillesheim/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Minnesota Wild are well represented when it comes to the players in the NHL that have loads of tattoos. Matt Dumba is absolutely covered in tasteful ink, and others like Brandon Duhaime have some sporadic artwork.

Maybe in a couple years, young defenseman prospect Daemon Hunt can join them as players in the Wild locker room that have some extra pieces to show off, but as of right now, we’re just wondering what some of them mean. In a story on Instagram on Monday evening, Hunt posted a nice fresh and red piece on his back. And while there’s nothing abnormal about this, I had to spend way too long trying to figure out what it even is meant to me.

via Daemon Hunt’s Instagram (@daemonhunt_)

As someone in their late-20’s, I can at least recognize that it is words stylized in some sort of way synonymous with streetwear and that sort of deal. I might get some angry Gen-Z’ers in the comments, but I immediately associate this with the likes of Yung Lean, Bladee, and all those other European rappers that push the line and mix fashion in with their artistry.

But what does it say? The first little bit at the very top can at least be read as “To.” I had to zoom in way too much and stare at it for way too long to see that. Now, I first thought the next group of letters read as “Shine,” but after reading further I only have to determine that it says “Thine.” Cool. The first letter makes the third grouping a little bit easier and it reads as “Own.”

On first glance, I thought the fourth group read as “Belt,” but that makes zero sense. So I had to just search — like some typically dumb person of my age — the phrase “To thine own” and the phrase auto-filled in the field. The answer to this mystery was spoiled for me. Hunt’s tattoo reads “To thine own self be true,” and that honestly, kicks ass.

If this reads as making fun of his tattoo, I swear I am not. I have plenty dumb tattoos that I got around the same age as Hunt and his is not that. And considering that I am a massive fan of Hunt’s other tattoos that cover his arms, and by just browsing his Instagram profile, he clearly cares about fashion and being on the latest trends. Please don’t change if you make it to the NHL, Daemon.