Would this be considered crazy?

I see every trad deadline come and go and the Wild in need of a spark. Players that have some youth become available with proven track records. We had the first year in Wild history last year with some dynamic offensive play and we let Fiala go because we did not think we could afford him, and we are back to begging for goals. We have also had problems with getting pushed around defensively so here is the question, and you can feel free to rate it on a 1-10 crazy scale, with 10 being completely insane:

Would you be willing to let a 33 year old and relatively smallish defenseman in Jared Spurgeon go in trade, (maybe in a three way deal) that frees up the cap room needed to bring in a bonafide scorer or center?

Maybe that sets up back this year until Faber and others step in to rebuild the defense, but I just think if we are cap strapped, I dig Spurgeon, but he has a high salary and is getting up there in year but also on the small side. I think it would be easier to replace him from the prospects, and he could be used to inject much needed offensive talent.

I never hear his name in any kind of solution to the Wild's problems.

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