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Concussions in the NHL

Pierre-Marc Bouchard: Concussions in his Career

A look into the life of Pierre-Marc Bouchard and his struggles with concussions nearly derailing his NHL career.

Four Major Concussions for the Philadelphia Flyers

All teams have had concussion issues. The Flyers have lost some big names to the epidemic.

Boogaard: A Wake-Up Call & Missed Opportunity

The death of a player should have been a call to action. Instead, almost two years later, nothing has changed.

NHL Concussion Policy: Is it Broken?

Is the current NHL concussion policy enough?

Concussions and player safety

Does the NHL owe it to the players to try and make hockey safer? Concussion Monday continues with an op-ed about player safety

The NHL and Concussions: Concussion Day

Join many SBN blogs in discussing concussions and how they affect the NHL today