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Fancy Stats

Why is Jason Zucker struggling to score goals?

The speedy forward has always created plenty of chances, but finishing seems to be his Achilles heel as of late.

Basement Stairs: Where Do The Wild Land?

The last part in the three-part series looks at the last two teams in the Central. Can the Wild avoid the bottom of the barrel?

The Subban Effect

How does Minnesota stack up against Nashville now that Subban is gone?

Evaluating the Defensive Corps

Yeah, defense isn’t the problem here.

Evaluating The Forward Corps

Overall production was down, but there is a bit of sun peeking through the clouds for the Wild.

Rob Vollman’s “Hockey Abstract, 2017” Part VI: Coaching and Prospects

Based on the previous metrics mentioned before, coaching seems to be the best thing going for Minnesota. On the prospects end, let’s just say that the program is getting there.

Rob Vollman’s “Hockey Abstract, 2017” Part V: Top Pairings and Defensive Depth

The Wild have been given the distinction of "a strong candidate for a home playoff seed," but so far on this breakdown they’ve been lacking in depth. Can Brodin and Dumba have the breakout seasons to get Minnesota deep into the postseason?

Rob Vollman’s “Hockey Abstract, 2017” Part IV: Shutdown Line and Forward Depth

Vollman thinks Granlund could be the next Minnesota forward to get close to that Selke pinnacle (something a winger hasn’t done in over a decade). The Top 6 for Minnesota looks appealing, but there are a lot of question marks regarding how deep this roster really is.

Rob Vollman’s “Hockey Abstract, 2017” Part III: Power Play and Scoring Lines

Minnesota had a top 10 power play in 2016-17 and Eric Staal’s comeback season provided an energetic scoring line

Rob Vollman’s “Hockey Abstract, 2017” Part II: Goalies and Penalty Kill

The goalie corps ranks 7th with a lack of a stable back-up, and the PK returns to that "average" spot at 15th.

Rob Vollman has thoughts on the Minnesota Wild in latest edition of Hockey Abstract

...and I have some thoughts about those thoughts.

Narrative, schmarrative: the Minnesota Wild are fine

despite the latest late-season swoon, most of the Wild’s underlying numbers look great

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2016 Wild vs Quality Shots

Wild MVP: Ryan Suter

Minnesota's MVP: Nino Niederreiter

Nino Niederreiter is a stud, in every sense of the word. Here's why.

Yeo, Torchetti, and what comes next for the Wild?

Mike Yeo, time on ice, and using the right players

One of the biggest complaints from Mike Yeo's detractors was that he valued the wrong factors of play when deciding on ice time. It's a solid claim, and it's one that deserves a closer examination. I use six years of NHL game statistics and modeling techniques to identify the traits Mike Yeo valued most and find out who got more than their fair share of ice time and who got the short end of the straw.

The Wild are winning, but they've been very lucky

Stats Have Advanced, but there's a Ways to Go

Defensive Woes of the Minnesota Wild

The Minnesota Wild's defense has struggled... or has it? Let's dig in and find out.

Marcel Goc Is The Ideal Replacement For Brodziak

The Wild could do with filling the void left by Kyle Brodziak, and I know just the guy to do it.

Carter, Porter & Campbell: Worthy UFA Signings?

A quick look at three depth signings who have been linked with the Wild.

Why The Wild Trading Jared Spurgeon Is A Dumb Idea

Trading Spurgeon is an awful idea and I'm going to tell you exactly why.

Analysing The Wild's 5v5 Woes

After a slow start to their 2nd round playoff series against the Chicago Blackhawks, the Wild are facing a pivotal Game 3 and to win it they will need to be better at 5v5.

Eyes on the Skies: Scouting the Hawks

What Happened To Erik Haula?

Erik Haula was poised for a breakout season... or so we thought. So what happened?

Blocked Shots are Key for Wild to Win

The Wild impressed a lot of people with the number of shots they blocked in Games 1 and 2. Are they really that important?

Me Ninoner: An Irrational Love of KNIGHTRIDER

Who doesn't love Nino? Silly question, I know. But is our love deserved? Let's look at Nino's season thus far.

Have the Wild Improved this Season? And How Much?

The Wild seem to be playing well, but bad goaltending has set them back. Just how much progress has been made?

Spurgeon's Questionable Usage But Amazing Impact

The Wild may have one of the most effective blue liners in the NHL on their roster, but is he being underused on the 2nd pairing?

Evaluating The Wild At The All-Star Break (PART 1)

With the brief cease in NHL games, this seems like a good time to assess how the Wild's season has gone so far from a statistical point of view.

Devan Dubnyk, First Thoughts

The Wild made a move to fix their goalie problems.