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Hockey Wilderness Podcasts

A supergroup for all past and present HW podcasts.

Hockey Hot-Dish: Dining with the enemy

Scott Matla from Eyes on the Prize joins us to duke it out before the Montreal Canadiens rematch.

Hockey Hot-Dish Podcast: Drama is fun

Is the swagger coming back for the Minnesota Wild?

Hockey Hot-Dish Podcast: A concerning start

We talk through our feelings.

That Was Wild: A new day

Get excited, regular season Wild games are almost here.

That Was Wild Podcast: This wasn’t the plan

The Minnnesota Wild are in a hole and are headed to Missouri

That Was Wild Podcast: Kevin Fiala needs a reset

Has anyone tried turning him off and on again?

That Was Wild Podcast: A Quick Start

Wait the game started already?

That Was Wild Podcast: Good GREEF

It’s all according to plan.

That Was Wild: Minnesota Wild lose 4-0 to St. Louis Blues

We didn’t like it and we want to talk about it.

HOSERS #94: Cold Open

The dudes are back at it once again and we’re talking about preseason before we preview the whole season.

HOSERS #93: Human Behavior

We’re talking about the dramatic NHL, obviously.

HOSERS #92: HOSERS Wilderness

We’re talking about rookies here.

HOSERS #91: Draft Talk with Tony Ferrari

We’re talking about the 2021 NHL Draft and some Wild prospects.

Hockey Wilderness Podcast #7: Turns out the Wild are actually not bad

After an 11-game point streak, it’s hard not to be impressed.

Hockey Wilderness Podcast #6: Hooray for sucking!

The tank is on!

Hockey Wilderness Podcast #5: Preparing for a rebuild

The Wild continue to puzzle us.