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Minnesota Wild Prospects

Posts about Wild prospects.

2023 Wild Juniors Day 5 & 6: Spacek, Petrovsky show off

Recapping the performances of some Wild prospects at the World Juniors.

2023 Wild Juniors Day 4: Not a lot going on

Recapping a quiet day at the World Juniors for Wild prospects.

2023 Wild Juniors Day 3: Bankier on the board

Recapping Day 3 of the World Juniors for the Wild prospects.

2023 Wild Juniors Day 1 & 2: Spacek shines, Peart helps out

Recapping the first two days of Wild prospects at the 2023 World Juniors.

Wild mildly represented at 2023 World Juniors

It will not be as Minnesota-heavy as past years.

Wild prospects at World Juniors camps

Some prospects are hoping to get a spot at the World Juniors.

How to watch the Wild’s prospect showcase

Let’s enjoy some grainy livestreams of some young players.

Wild announce roster for prospect showcase

Some big names are here.

2022 Wild Juniors Final Day: Wallstedt is historic

The medal round delivered some dramatics, but one Wild prospect had an insane tournament.

2022 Wild Juniors Quarterfinals: Americans lose, other prospects move on

The World Juniors quarterfinals was filled with drama and upsets.

2022 Wild Juniors Day 7: Canadian struggles

The couple of Wild prospects on Team Canada have not been good, at all.

2022 Wild Juniors Day 6: Petrovsky highlight, Swedish disappointment

The weekend had some highs and lows.

Top 25 Under 25: Simon Johansson keeps it up for No. 23

The Swedish blueliner did his thing to keep a ranking.

2022 Wild Juniors Day 3: Brock Faber, everyone

The third day of the Wild-featured World Juniors was highlighted by the American captain.

Top 25 Under 25: Players that missed the cut

We’re in the middle of T25U25 season but let’s look at some eligible players that fall below the ranking.

2022 Wild Juniors Day 2: Pointless, but not pointless

In the second day of the junior tournament, some Wild prospects did some things that are off the record.

2022 Wild Juniors Day 1: Petrovsky wants you to know who he is

The first day of the World Juniors for Wild prospects was filled with highs and mids.

When and where you can watch Wild prospects at World Juniors

We got all the details here for you.

Wild heavily represented at 2022 World Juniors

A bunch of Minnesota prospects are going to be at the tournament this month.

Wild sign Jesper Wallstedt to rookie contract

Minnesota gets the signature of their top 2021 draft pick.

Wild sign Pavel Novak to rookie contract

Minnesota signed another prospect.

Young and Wild: Nick Swaney racking up points

It’s a Minnesota Wild prospect report!

Report: Jack McBain looking at free agency, trade possibility

The Wild prospect can hit the market this summer, or sign with Minnesota earlier.

Young and Wild: Novak getting helpers, Simon Johansson impressing

It’s the Minnesota Wild prospect report!

Young and Wild: The WHL Boys producing points

It’s a Minnesota Wild prospect report!

Boldy and Rossi earned their call-ups with exceptional stints in AHL

Both players over a point-per-game with the Iowa Wild.

The Young and Wild: McBain rolling, Hentges patrolling

It’s the Minnesota Wild Prospect Report!

Guerin believes Boldy, Rossi ‘getting closer’ to NHL

The Wild’s two top prospects are banging on the door.

2022 Wild Juniors Day 3: Lambos, O’Rourke in action for Canada (sort of)

There was only one game due to some forfeiting.

2022 Wild Juniors Day 2: Jesper Wallstedt, that’s it

Some details you should know about the future of the Minnesota Wild.

2022 Wild Juniors Day 1: Novak scores, Wallstedt stays steady

Your somewhat daily update on what the Minnesota prospects are doing at the World Juniors.

What Wild prospects are we going to see at World Juniors?

Minnesota has some young talent that should be available.