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Playing the System

In-depth breakdowns of individual plays and goals.

Mathew Dumba shows how defensemen joining the rush can be lethal offensive weapons

After a slow start to the season, Dumba is starting to make the offensive plays that make him a valuable asset to the team.

Hesitation in the defensive zone lead to the Blues first goal

Chemistry: What Makes the Haula Line Dominant

We know that the Wild's third line has been great, but what makes them tick?

Jarret Stoll and transition defense against the Stars

Reputations are hard to shake. Just ask Jarrett Stoll, who has been on a mission to prove that he's not the defensive wonder-vet that most everybody insists he is.

Power Play Dominance

Often lauded as one of the weakest parts of their game, the Minnesota Wild power play is now leading their charge into the playoffs.

Don't blame Dumba for Flyers opening goal

A closer look at the putrid defensive zone effort that led to the Flyers opening the scoring on Thursday night.

Wild power play problems

Another uninspired change to the first unit led to an 0-4 night for the Minnesota Wild power play.

Wild use defense to create offense against Avs

Solid play in the defensive zone by the Wild led to the game-winning goal and an overall speed bagging of the Avalanche in the opening game of their home-and-home series.

Playing the System: 2-on-1 Defense

It's time to put an end to the age-old strategy of letting the goalie take the shooter on 2-on-1 rushes.

Playing the System: New-Look Power Play

A change in alignment and mentality has already netted positive results for the first power play unit of the Minnesota Wild.

Playing the System: Gap up!

How poor gap control contributed to a 37 shot performance by the Blues in game five.

Playing the System: Blues PP vs. Wild PK

Just how exactly does a dominant Blues power-play stack up against the best penalty kill in the league? Quite well, actually.

Playing the System: Going for a Skate

The Wild played nearly the entire first period in the defensive zone on Saturday, and unsurprisingly, it didn't end well.

Playing the System: Puck Management

We know that puck possession matters, but what's often overlooked are the factors that lead to good teams spending more time with the puck.

Playing the System: Dumba's Arrival

A look at how Mathew Dumba's dynamic skill-set can make him an effective and dangerous NHL defenseman.

Playing the System: Jason Zucker's Defense

Jason Zucker is parlaying his immense offensive talent with a sound positional game into a breakout season.

Playing the System: Ryan Suter and +-

With his game coming under heavy criticism, what, if anything should be done to fix Ryan Suter?

Playing the System: Pavelski's Game Winner

An in depth look at the defensive breakdown that led to Joe Pavelski's game winning goal.

Playing the System: Beating the Ducks Forecheck

How to counter a hyper-aggressive Anaheim forecheck.

Playing the System: Protecting the Lead

What is causing the Wild to give up so many leads this year? A look at the many factors that are contributing to this nasty new habit.

Playing the System: Power Play Autopsy

20 games into the season and the current version of the Wild power play has shown almost no signs of life. Is it time to pull the plug and move on?

Playing the System: Brodin's Resurgence

After a sophomore slump type season, Jonas Brodin has improved his game both on the ice and between his ears.

Playing the System: Active Defense Leads to Goals

The Wild are desperate to score more goals this season, and activating their defense is a good option to create that much needed extra offense.

Wild Breakdown: King's Game Winning Goal

Taking a deeper look into the play that led to the King's eventual game winning goal.

Wild Breakdown: How Kuemper's Shutout Streak Ended

Who really was to blame for the breakdown that led to Andrew Cogliano's shorthanded goal.

Minnesota Wild Powerplay Breakdown & Preview

The often maligned Minnesota Wild power play is making some changes heading into the 2014 season. From personnel to scheme, we examine what to expect in the coming season.