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Posts containing 99.9% snark and sarcasm. These should, in no way, be taken seriously.

Behind Closed Doors: Vegas Golden Knights’ Expansion Strategy

McPhee to make good on assertion that he will “claim a bunch” of defensemen.

Hockey fans agree, thanks to Vegas, Twitter finally funny

The Early, Early, Early Awards and Power Rankings

Taking a (silly) look at the (much too early) Power Rankings and Award favorites.

Minnesota Wild Solutions: More Minnesotans

Hockey Wilderness [pretends to] talk with GM Chuck Fletcher about how to fix the team's problems.

Introducing the Whalers Meter

What would happen if the Oilers don't get their way in Edmonton? Who knows, but we're making an exception to our rule that we don't like to see teams move.

Zach Parise Files: Joey Lagano Wins Pocono 400

Does this weekend's Pocono 400 change Zach Parise's thinking on July 1st?

Zach Parise Files: I'll Have Another Withdraws from Belmont Stakes

What does I'll Have Another withdrawing from the Belmont Stakes mean for Zach Parise

Wild Math and Zach Parise

Doing the math that brings Zach Parise to Minnesota.

Helping the Offense: Sign Nordy

The options are few. We turn inward to find the help the Wild need.

Wild Coach Mike Yeo: Goals Are Real

Are goals real? Can they be tracked and captured?

Hockey Wilderness Mail Bag: New Form Letter from NHL Regarding Supplemental Discipline

Hockey Wilderness Rumor Generator 2000: Free Agency Edition

Enjoy some fake rumors about topics we completely made up.

2011 NHL Trade Deadline: Hockey Wilderness Rumor Generator 2000

So many rumors... so much made up garbage. Want to give me a dollar now?

Hockey Wilderness Rumor Generator 2000: Saving the World

The latest output from the HWRG2000. This time, we may have saved the world.

Hockey Wilderness Rumor Generator 2000: The Second Act

Having secured the HWRG2000 from BizNasty, it is now burgled by someone with ties to the Denver Post. Can we muddle through?

Hockey Wilderness Rumor Generator 2000: Maiden Voyage

Generating rumors with "fact" based observations.