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HW Top 25 Under 25: #17 Jordan Greenway

Coming in at no. 17 in our Minnesota Wild Top 25 Under 25 this year is, newly drafted forward, Jordan Greenway.

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Jordan Greenway is an 18 year old American left wing selected by the Wild with the #50 pick in this year's NHL Entry Draft. He's got the frame of a big bodied power forward, standing at 6' 6", 218 lbs and scored 71 points in 82 games split between the U.S. National U18 Team, USNTDP Juniors and USA U18s. He will be playing college hockey for Boston University in this coming season.

The first thing I have to say about Jordan Greenway, which you all know by now, is that he's huge. Now obviously size isn't everything and it can be frustrating when a team drafts guys because of their size while passing on more highly skilled prospects, but fans should have no reason to complain about this pick. Scouting reports suggest that, while his skating could use some work, he moves amazingly well for his size. This is certainly a facet of the game that can easily be worked on if the player is willing to put in the hours and, in Greenway's case, some hard work in this area could really pay dividends down the line.

It goes without saying that he is very strong on the puck and is a demon in puck battles along the boards. There will probably be a steep learning curve when he hits college level as using his physicality to separate man from puck won't be as easy so he'll need to work on his balance.

When he has the puck, scouting reports suggest he is a great passer with really nice hands. In terms of shooting, he has a hard and accurate shot, but not the quickest of releases (again, something that can be worked on). He unsurprisingly hits very hard and is willing to throw himself around, but he doesn't cheat in the offensive zone and can be relied upon defensively, without being notably strong in his own zone.

He's still somewhat raw, but has a lot of upside. -Corey Pronman, ESPN

Another knock against him is that allegedly he can go missing for stretches and his great play only comes in fits and starts. This lack of consistency could be just lack of ability but one imagine the Wild's scouts loved his raw tools enough to bank on it being something that could be overcome.

Fellow Wild draft pick, Nick Boka, who played with Greenway had this to say about him:

Just a big power forward, hard to play against, so hard to take the puck from him [...] I think he made me better in practice just in the corners and stuff. He battles hard and he's an unbelievable player. I'm excited to be drafted with him, as well.

In terms of where he fits into the Wild's current prospect pool, Greenway goes a long way to add some talent to a forward group that is fairly bereft of it (especially at left wing). The next year or so if going to be very telling for him as we find out if he can adapt to college level and take the steps in his game to show that he is the real deal and not just another big player making up the numbers.

Personally, I'm very optimistic about him. His scoring numbers are nice and I like what I've heard from various scouting reports about him. I think the Wild could have a really nice player on their hands here who could be jumping into the top-10 of these rankings in future years.


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