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Wilderness Walk: Preseason Game with a Real Lineup Edition!

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Sunday morning brings the dawning of something close to the Wild's real lineup playing a preseason game against the Jets, and plenty of news to look at around the league.

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This is my first time posting a Wilderness Walk, or anything on Hockey Wilderness. I know some of you from twitter, and am looking forward to hanging around this season.

Here's something to listen to while you read.

Wild News

Kuemper looking forward to hometown start, more playing time with Wild - Hopefully he's going to have a better season.

Wild prospects held scoreless but play well against Oilers - Game recap.

Wild: Invasion of Winnipeg fans only a minor irritant - Relelvant considering tonight's opponent.

Becoming Wild - Ryan Suter Video - NHL VideoCenter - Minnesota Wild Becoming Wild episodes are incredibly boring, and Ryan Suter is incredibly boring, but that's part of their charm. There's always at least one incredible moment though. For this one I think the highlight is Suter introducing a tractor as the new baby, and then introducing his actual new baby.

Schroeder hopes he's done enough to stay with Wild - I hope so too!

Enemy News

Arctic Ice Hockey, For Winnipeg Jets Fans Get all your Jets news here.

Rookies creating problems for Jets - Winnipeg Free Press That's a nice problem to have.

Does Corsi fail with Alexander Burmistrov? | JetsNation Some stats if you're interested in that sort of thing.

Off the Trail

Blackhawks agree to 8-year contract extension with Brent Seabrook | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports This looks like a TERRIBLE idea, lol.

Predators Should Lighten the Load for Weber and Josi - TSS The Wild are in a similar situation in regard to limiting the top pairing's ice time.

Placing bets on the over/under line for every NHL team | theScore I don't necissarilly disagree with Justin Bourne's assessment of the Wild here, but it does seem like a cop out answer.

As Patrick Kane case blows up, toxicity and ignorance hijack discussion | NHL | Sporting News The whole thing is a mess, but this is a good, important read.