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Wilderness Walk: Less Than 2 Weeks

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This many days until opening night.... only 12 until preseason games begin!

The Mayor knows it's almost time.
The Mayor knows it's almost time.
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

In just two short weeks, we will be discussing what happened in an actual hockey game as training camp opens and we get our first look at Jack Eichel, Ryan O'Reilly and the Buffalo Sabres (pronounced Sah-brays if you are Michael Scott).  Players report in just 9 days.  It's really happening.

We have some interesting feature and opinion pieces today regarding rule changes, breakout players and captains, fancy stats, and the Patrick Kane saga continues. Lots of preamble and prediction starting to hit the media.  Our own Top 25 under 25 continues, and we will continue to get you all ready for the upcoming season.  We Walk.

Wild News

Central Division Preseason Power Rankings - Along the Boards
ATB doesn't love the Wild as much as

Minnesota Wild 2015-16 Predictions: Ryan Suter The Hockey Writers
Alli previews Suter's upcoming season

When Captaincy and Cap Hit Clash The Hockey Writers

3 Players Who Will Breakout in 2015-16 The Hockey Writers
We sure hope so.

How many days until hockey? 2015/2016 - Minnesota Wild
This link will tell you.

Off The Trail

Breaking Down the NHL’s 2015-16 Rule Changes The Hockey Writers
The NHL Board of Governors added some new rule changes for the upcoming season. How big of an impact will they have on the game?

How analytics forecast future success and failure - Article - TSN

Blackhawks, Islanders still facing challenges with restricted free agents -
The Chicago Blackhawks and New York Islanders are two of the teams that still have some big moves to make when it comes to signing their own restricted free agents.

Report: Kings D Voynov taken into custody - Article - TSN

Blackhawks face no-win situation as Patrick Kane saga continues -
No matter what happens next, the Chicago Blackhawks face a difficult situation when it comes to how to handle Patrick Kane.

Report: Patrick Kane case to be reviewed by grand jury -
A grand jury will hear the evidence regarding the investigation into Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane, who has reportedly been accused of rape.

NHL Removes Patrick Kane From Promotions The Hockey Writers
With Patrick Kane still in the middle of a rape investigation, the NHL has decided to distance itself from the troubled superstar

Report: Steven Stamkos Was Shopped, Wants to Play Center The Hockey Writers
According to reports, the Tampa Bay Lightning may have shopped Steven Stamkos as they try and come to terms on a contract, where position may play a role.

Stamkos: McDavid is better than me - Article - TSN