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Wilderness Walk: Midnight Rider

We bid farewell to Butch Trucks, drummer for the Allman Brothers Band and a key innovator of southern rock.

2010 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival Presented By Shell - Day 3 Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images

You know those moments where everything just seems to fit together? Your mood, the surroundings, what your doing, all of that just works. One of those times for me was when I was in college, driving on a highway late at night. It was real dark out and there weren’t any other cars on the road. I turned on the radio and a song was just fading out. The next song that came on was "Highway Song" by Blackfoot, a great southern rock band. I’ve actually posted that song in a walk a while ago. Anyhow, that song was the perfect song for that moment, and it likely wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the genre-defining work of the Allman Brothers Band.

You’d probably recognize "Ramblin’ Man" or perhaps "Jessica" if you ever played Guitar Hero. Well, one of their drummers (they had two playing for their music), Butch Trucks, has just passed away. His powerful drumming style helped define southern rock. So long, Butch, keep on riding.

Wild News

First a game vs. St. Louis, then a break for Wild -
Much like juggling blowtorches, focus is key.

Boudreau's hope for Wild players during break: 'Sit ... and watch TV' -
Much like recovering from terrible blowtorch accidents, rest and recovery is also key.

Wild putting hockey's two-goal lead theory to the test
Yeah, if you could stop blowing two goal leads, that'd be great.

Wild's Bruce Boudreau: Points down, but Zach Parise playing big
You know where players that are doing all the right things but aren't having a lot of success belong? Not on the top line.

On Frozen Pond

Wednesday Women: Looking to the postseason :: :: U.S. College Hockey Online
Nice discussion of women's college hockey. Also, I learned Vermont's team name is the Catamounts, which is just terrific.

Notes: Minn. Supremacy on Line | College Hockey, Inc.
There can be only one!

College hockey: New No. 1 brings some stability to latest bracketology |
The Bulldogs are sitting pretty atop the rankings, but this season has shown that heavy is the head that wears the crown.

Ralph Engelstad Arena, Home Sweet Home?
Maybe the confusion of playing in an arena covered in logos that are no longer accurate is taking its toll?

Behind Enemy Lines - St. Louis Game Time

Trading Kevin Shattenkirk for Ben Bishop would be mind-boggling - St. Louis Game Time
Point: Bishop doesn't offer much of an upgrade and has a troubling injury history. Look elsewhere.

Rebuttal: Trading Kevin Shattenkirk For Ben Bishop Could Be Pretty Smart - St. Louis Game Time
Counterpoint: Acquiring Bishop allows the Blues to dump Allen if they are really regretting his contract.

Off the Trail

30 Thoughts: Hanzal talks stall between Canadiens, Coyotes -
High rental prices, Nazem Kadri's defensive matchups, what's weighing on Johnny Gaudreau and more in this edition of 30 Thoughts.

2017 NHL All-Star Game Preview
Nice player write-ups and a good argument in favor of the All-Star Game. He just needs to convince the players of it.

Power rankings: Sharks vault to No. 1, and get one of their best players back | The Hockey News
A six game win streak? That's adorable.

Landeskog over Duchene for Habs?
Yes please, if only so I only have to see that blockhead's face twice a season.

The Dallas Stars would be wise to throw in the towel on 2016-17 | The Hockey News
I have always wondered about the philosophy of going all in when it is pretty clear your team is a second round out at best.

Marchand to have phone hearing with NHL - Article - TSN

Interesting question comes from this: if an All-Star Game-bound player is suspended, does the suspension include the All-Star Game?

Penguins' Malkin out of ASG with lower-body injury - Article - TSN

He's probably not faking this one. Does he get the customary one game suspension for missing the ASG?

You can catch the game tonight at 7 pm CST on NBCSN. If anyone figures out how to sync up the radio play-by-play to the national feed, post instructions in the comments below.