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Wilderness Walk: Hab You Heard the News?

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Wild face the Canadiens tonight, Dumba is in the doghouse, and a look at the role of backup goalie

Montreal Canadiens v Minnesota Wild Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

I do not regret that pun and you can’t make me!

The Minnesota Wild take on the Montreal Canadiens tonight. After the frightening showing against the Winnipeg Jets on Halloween, the team should be looking to come out hard so they can take a winning record from this six game homestand. Matt Dumba, in particular, should be looking to exorcise some demons, assuming that Bruce Boudreau does not healthy scratch the right shot defenseman. It does raise the question, at least until the lines are posted, about how Gabby decides to handle incidents like on Tuesday where a mistake clearly cost the team a goal. Does he let the player back onto the ice to prove himself or does he toss him up into the press box and leave him even hungrier to make it up to the team at the following game? I bet either way it involves a lot of yelling. What do you think is the right approach with a young but seasoned blueliner like Dumba?

Wild News

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Off the Trail

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