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Wilderness Walk: Got Their Groove Back

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The Wild break the losing streak, Sidney Crosby is a thug, and the effects of hot and cold streaks on playoff performance.

Winnipeg Jets v Minnesota Wild Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

It might be premature to claim that the Minnesota Wild are back on track after their 3 - 2 win against the San Jose Sharks last night, but I’m going with it anyway. If Dubnyk doesn’t have that weird moment when he lost the puck, the game finishes 3 - 1 and the Wild’s victory looks a lot more like the Wild from earlier this season.

In any event, the Wild are one win (or one Los Angeles Kings’ loss) away from clinching a playoff berth. Looking back at preseason predictions, the Wild are performing far better than anyone could have hoped. This isn’t to suggest that the Wild are going to win out, or that the recent issues with goaltending and depth scoring are solved. The pace of games and lack of practices pretty much guarantees that those problems won’t be completely fixed. However, Bruce Boudreau and the Wild should have a bit more confidence and something to build upon after last night’s game.

To celebrate the Wild rediscovering their groove, here is Victor Wooten doing impossible things on his bass guitar.

Wild News

Season-long skid stopped: Wild returns to winning ways with victory over Sharks -
How many goals is it possible to cram into the last minutes of the second period?

Wild snap five-game losing streak with 3-2 win over Sharks
Should have been 3-1, but the hockey gods demand entertainment.

Retired Wild goalie Josh Harding at peace with MS, abrupt end to NHL career
F*ck MS

Shipley: Wild give fans plot twist they were waiting for

Meet the New Minnesota Wild, Same as the Old Wild | Zone Coverage - Cold Omaha
I disagree with almost all of this article. The many ways the Wild are different now are too numerous for the little comments here but here's the quick version: young players taking a step up, less reliance on just Suter for defense, players in their natural position, Koivu not alone carrying the load at center, a fourth line that doesn't make me cry like a small child.

Wild Need to Rediscover Their Game
Last night was a good start to this.

On Frozen Pond

State of the Conference Tournaments Year Four - SB Nation College Hockey
"Home team" fans not having to travel for hours boosts attendance at games? Shocker.

A college hockey game produced the year’s best sports GIF | For The Win
See both sides of the emotional rollercoaster that is a championship game.

Off the Trail

Do late-season streaks and slumps predict playoff results? | The Hockey News
I don't want to spoil it, but Wild fans shouldn't panic just yet.

Jack Adams Conversation Starts, Ends With Sullivan
Mike Sullivan should probably be in the conversation, but is it harder to wrangle the potential egos of Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Phil Kessel, Chris Letang, and Marc-Andre Fleury or manage a team absent any top ten scorers but still have the league's second-most potent offense and an elite defense?

Roundtable: Which team is furthest away from winning a Stanley Cup? | The Hockey News
One list Wild fans do not want to see their team on.

Sidney Crosby scores, spears and loses teeth in an eventful game -
He got away with a dirty hit, scored a goal, and lost some teeth. I shall call this the Todd Bertuzzi hat trick. Congratulations, Sid.