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Wilderness Walk: Terrible Rumors

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A bad trade rumor, Predator’s mounted a comeback, and the IIHF Worlds in today’s news.

Minnesota Wild v Arizona Coyotes Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

We actually have some Wild news coverage today!

It’s May and there’s still hockey going on, but we’ve definitely been getting a preview of the hockey drought that is coming. So enjoy it while you still can, folks.

There’s a trade rumor tumbling around out there that is so awful that I dare not even type it out here, but there’s a link below to Elliotte Friedman’s 30 Thoughts that includes it. Take a look, but be prepared to be angry.

Wild News

NHL expansion draft looms over Wild's offseason moves -
Pretty sure it’s going to hurt no matter what. Chuck’s job is to minimize the pain and make it meaningful in some way.

STAFF POD: NHL/NBA Playoffs, Twins-Wild Comps and Home Field Advantage | Zone Coverage - Cold Omaha
Arif Hasan got his start as a Fan Poster with our cousins at The Daily Norseman. Pretty cool, right?

Minnesota Deserves Winter Classic

Tending the Fields

Greenway Relishes Chance to Soak Up Experience at World Championships -

Greenway may not be getting much playing time, but as one of the three non-NHL players on the roster, it’s a prime opportunity to learn from the best.

Off the Trail

Predators rally in third to take 2-1 series lead over Ducks -
Strong compete level on display dealing with the frustration of TWO disallowed goals.

Expansion draft preview: Central Division | The Hockey News
I can feel thousands of Stars fans willing the Knights to take one of their goaltenders from across the pond.

30 Thoughts: Should St. Louis target Eberle for scoring help? -

Vegas reaches AHL deal with Chicago Wolves -
Not exactly a quick jot to get from Chicago to Vegas. Wonder how that’ll affect their willingness to call up players.

Five infamous — and costly — post-season own goals | The Hockey News
There is one ranked above Steve Smith’s series ending own goal. Can anyone guess what it is?

Predators anthem singer irked at being upstaged by country stars -
Seems like this is just the way of things when your team plays in Music City.

World Championships

IIHF World Championship: USA vs. Russia | Newsday
It’s almost like the US is taking this seriously. Maybe Hockey USA did learn something from the World Cup fiasco after all.