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Wilderness Walk: Where do We Go Now?

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Odds on Wild players returning to the team and the Senators and Penguins square up for Game 7 among today’s stories

Winnipeg Jets v Minnesota Wild Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

GAME 7, BABY! The Senators and the Penguins face off tonight to decide who gets to meet the Predators in the Final. I know the playoffs are not meant to be included in the voting for end of season player trophies, but Craig Anderson’s performance during the playoffs while supporting his wife through her fight with cancer (f*** cancer!) seem all be assured to garner him the Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy.

Personally, my instinct is to root against the more successful team, probably a side effect of growing up supporting Minnesota teams, so I’m pulling for the Senators, but it should be a good game regardless of the outcome. Game 7s are always good as both teams find themselves back against the wall.

Give today’s music a listen. It’s a cover of Sweet Child O’ Mine by a bunch of Pakistani musicians and the extra instrumentation as well as the flat out impressive vocals give what was already a high energy song a big boost.

Wild News

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On Frozen Pond

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Off the Trail

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Never say never: 36-year-old Lee reportedly hunting for NHL gig after brilliant KHL campaign | The Hockey News
Chris Lee set the KHL record for points by a defenseman this past season and earned his first stint with Team Canada at the World Championship. Could the NHL be next for the 36-year-old blueliner?