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Wilderness Walk: Birds of Prey

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Zucker is next on the surgery docket, the Penguins win anyways, and Jaromir “the Ageless One” Jagr could pad his stats even further.

Washington Capitals v Pittsburgh Penguins - Game Four Photo by Matt Kincaid/Getty Images

It’s a little light for news around here today, although as predicted in yesterday’s walk (and everywhere else) the Wild organization has announced another injury and surgery with Jason Zucker to undergo surgery to deal with a hernia.

The most significant story in the playoffs right now is the Penguins finding a way to win despite being without their best superstar (they have a couple others on the team). It’s an impressive display of team resilience, but to be fair, when Evgeni Malkin is who you have stepping up into the 1C role it isn’t that impressive. Nevertheless, the Penguins are looking like a team that could go all the way, especially if Sidney Crosby is able to come back and play in the playoffs. Not that the Capitals are out of it yet. “Choke artists” narratives aside, they are hungry to win and possibly hungrier still to beat the Penguins in the playoffs.

Today’s music is brought to you by Five Guys, as it played on the radio while I was there waiting for my burger. I’m sure you all were really interested to hear about my lunchtime dining experiences.

Wild News

Jason Zucker to undergo sports hernia surgery Thursday -
The Wilderness wishes him a speedy and complete recovery. He will be needed next year.

Off the Trail

If Jagr comes back for one more season, here are the milestones he could reach | The Hockey News
He’s still in his prime, Chuck. Make some magic happen!

Penguins are good enough to win without Crosby, as they've shown before | The Hockey News
Don’t get me wrong. I’m impressed, but part of why they are so “well-equipped” to deal with injuries has to do with failing their way into going 1st - 2nd - 1st in the 2003-05 drafts. That’s far from the whole story, but no one can deny it plays a role in the team’s success.

Primeau, doctors question if Crosby should return after fourth concussion -
I think this is a fair question. Losing the best player in the league is a terrible blow for the Penguins (and hockey fans in general so long as your team isn’t playing Pittsburgh that night), but ultimately this is about a man’s life. CTE is no joke.


Capitals outcompeted by Penguins in Game 4 as top guys fail to step up -
The disturbance in the force felt by Ben Kenobi wasn’t the Death Star destroying Alderaan, it was the simultaneous frustration of thousands and thousands of Capitals fans coming to a head.*

*Obligatory Star Wars reference in honor of May the 4th

Silfverberg nets overtime winner as Ducks level series with Oilers -
Silfverberg scores under one minute into overtime, guaranteeing so many people missed it while trying to hurry back from the restroom.