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Wilderness Walk: Cover

A couple player sightings and KC as a possible NHL destination

St Louis Blues v Minnesota Wild - Game One Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

In selecting today’s music, I thought it might be fun to find a genre cover of a song. My first thought was there had to be some fun metal covers of pop music (and there are), but then I came across a metal cover of “Hurt” and it raises some questions for me. If you give it a listen, it’s pretty clear that Leo Moracchioli (who has some great covers of other songs too) is covering Johnny Cash’s own cover of the Nine Inch Nails original. The reason being that although NIN are the creators (and props to them for that), “Hurt” has become Johnny Cash’s song.

There are other examples of the same phenomenon. The best might be “All Along the Watchtower”. Bob Dylan wrote the song, but Jimi Hendrix’s cover is the version of the song. Dylan even admitted as much.

This got me to wondering, does this sort of thing happen in hockey? Are there playing styles, specific moves, etc. that one player invented/developed/popularized that a latter player recreated so well that it became synonymous with the second player? I’ve struggled to think of any great examples myself, but if you have one in mind, leave it in the comments below.

Wild News

It seems both the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press are on vacation, so there’s nothing to see here.

Off the Trail

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JEE sighting

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Dubnyk sighting

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Will Kaptain Koivu see his name on lists like this or will Minnesota retire the Finnesotan’s number before writers get the chance?

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I wouldn't say I like him, but I don’t dislike him and that says a lot for the former Penguin.

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Why not Zoid- Minnesota?

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It would provide balance in the divisions, but I hope they don’t rush the decision. I don’t want to go through the vexation of another Expansion Draft so soon.

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Spoiler: Use the mute button and you’ll be fine.