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Wilderness Walk: The Grass Ain’t Greener

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Matt Duchene is in trade purgatory while the Wild only have Marcus Foligno left to sign

Pittsburgh Penguins v Buffalo Sabres Photo by Kevin Hoffman/Getty Images

It is easy to be a bit bothered by Marcus Foligno’s continued status as an unsigned RFA for the Minnesota Wild. I wouldn’t worry. This is the offseason and hockey pundits are desperate for any news story to sling to their equally desperate readers and yet Foligno’s status isn’t being brought up. That’s because there almost certainly is no fire to go with the lack of smoke. Everyone expects the deal to get done in time for the season. The Wild don’t want a hold out and I can’t imagine why Foligno would.

Compare that to the situation in Colorado with Matt Duchene. The grass ain’t greener on that side of the fence. Duchene hasn’t reported to captains’ practices, has indicated he doesn’t know who he will playing with in just over a month’s time, and looks like he’s just trying to remain professional in a bad situation. The Colorado Avalanche for their part are desperate to get as much as they can for Duchene to jumpstart what could be an incredibly painful rebuild... made more painful by the last few seasons in which they weren’t officially trying to rebuild. I’d wish them good luck, but 1) it wouldn’t make any difference, this situation is broken all over, and 2) bad or not, the Avalanche are still the team I love to hate.

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