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Wilderness Walk: No News is Good News

The Wild are off to a food start to the off-season by not making headlines.

NHL: Minnesota Wild at Ottawa Senators Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

Plenty of hockey-related news today, but none of it concerns the Minnesota Wild. Normally that would be a source of mild disappointment for everyone stopping by the Hockey Wilderness, but I think we can all agree that it might be for the best after looking at the headlines in today’s Walk. A few teams like the New York Islanders are faced with the prospect of seeing their superstar walk away in free agency. Some teams are facing offseason situations more complicated than just a tight salary cap. But the real reason Wild fans should thank their lucky stars their team isn’t featuring heavily in the hockey news cycle is the ongoing crisis in Ottawa. If you aren’t familiar with the situation jump down and read either of the top two articles (or both) first, because it’s a little too complicated to summarize quickly here.

What a mess, right? I don’t like to call anyone “crazy” as it is a harmful and dismissive pejorative that is all too frequently by people looking to avoid taking any responsibility for how their actions or the actions of others may have led someone to act “crazy”, but I will say that Monika Caryk’s alleged behavior (which she and her fiance Mike Hoffman have denied) appears pretty irrational and mean-spirited. Wishing ill of anyone’s unborn child is heinous, and bullying your fiance’s team captain (and best player) Erik Karlsson and his wife is a bad idea for so many reasons. One reason (not the most important one, that would be human decency) is that you are imploding your fiance’s team and most likely getting him traded to the first team that deems him worth the risk you represent. If you can’t manage to at least be civil, at least be smart.

So while it might be a little disappointing to not see any rumors about how the Wild are the likeliest landing place for John Tavares or that a blockbuster trade is brewing behind the scenes, at least Minnesota isn’t embroiled in whatever the heck you call the situation in Ottawa.

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