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Wilderness Walk: Conversations between NHL, NHLPA look awfully familiar

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Your daily dose of Wild news, along with other interesting stories from around the NHL.

World Cup of Hockey - Media Day Photo by Graig Abel/World Cup of Hockey via Getty Images

That’s Wild

  • Some players for the Minnesota Wild — and one special rookie — have started to arrive in the area as they prepare for a season that should be coming any week now... [Hockey Wilderness]
  • To feel somewhat normal, the 2021 World Juniors will be taking place around their scheduled time and Team USA have announced their training camp roster, which includes one high-end Wild prospect. [Hockey Wilderness]
  • It’s too early to tell just how Bill Guerin stacks up against general managers around the league. [ProHockeyTalk]

Off the trail...

  • The NHL and NHLPA have had minimal conversation within the last few weeks and with the targeted season start date of Jan. 1 only one month away, it looks like history will rear its ugly head. Things looked similar during the last lockout in 2012-13, that’s all I’m saying. [Toronto Star]
  • The spot for first overall of the 2021 NHL Draft is wide open and there are several candidates. [The Athletic]
  • The Dallas Stars revealed what their entire get up will look like with the new “Reverse Retro” jersey and I want to puke.