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Wilderness Walk: When the Wild are going to wear their ‘Reverse Retro’

Your daily dose of Wild news, along with other interesting stories from around the NHL.


That’s Wild

  • The Minnesota Wild have released their schedule for when they are going to wear their fresh “Reverse Retro” jerseys through the regular season. They’ll be debuting the sweaters this upcoming Sunday against the Colorado Avalanche.
  • Even if the Wild are 4-2-0 on the season, there is a general looming feeling that nothing is really safe and the way that they are playing against lesser opposition is worrisome for the future. [Hockey Wilderness]
  • With the AHL’s Feb. 5 start approaching, the Iowa Wild have opened their training camp and there are some fresh teenaged faces on the roster. [Hockey Wilderness]
  • Your Minnesota Whitecaps are undefeated in the NWHL bubble, catch up on their last two remarkable games. [Hockey Wilderness]
  • Filip Johansson is still young and even if he is already considered not the prime first-round pick that he was made out to be, he’s over in the SHL creating some minor hype. [10K Rinks]

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