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[Wild About Numbers]: Devan Dubnyk, First Thoughts

The Wild made a move to fix their goalie problems.

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today I said that Devan Dubnyk would be one of the best and cheapest solutions out there to attempt to fix the Wild's horrendous goalie situation. Chuck Fletcher was clearly listening as he sent a 3rd round pick to Arizona for him.

Dubnyk is 28, 6'5" and 209 lbs. According to The Hockey News:

Boasts a massive (6-5, 210 pounds) frame, so he's able to cover a lot of net when in the crease. Has a great attitude and is well liked in the locker room. Is capable of dominant performances.

Still lacks the game-to-game consistency required to become a big-time starter at the National Hockey League level. Could use a little better mobility in the crease area.

I'm too tired to go and do this again, so I'm just gonna share what I already posted on Twitter. There's more info in my other post today if you're interested:

Just for fun, here's Dubnyk compared to Jonathan Quick:

dubnyk quick

dub adk

Good trade. Let's hope that Dubnyk plays as well as he has in the past and the Wild can string some wins together.

What are your thoughts, Wild fans?